What is it?

It is an app for managing the relationship with customers and it becomes a highly effective business strategy platform for your marketing department, as itís totally focused on the customer.


Companies must develop CRM strategies to get a clearer overview and improve administration and lifecycle management, as well as customer relationship.


Integrating Mobile CRM in your business means having the necessary knowledge to create a business opportunity wherever you are.


Discover the advantages of working with a wearable device, like the fact that theyíre easy to use and carry around, and the speed with which you receive or send information directly from your wrist.

Mobile CRM Anywhere: The effective mobile solution for customer relationship and opportunities management.

Your companyís assets in your hand Ė donít miss any business opportunity!

Quick results

Your company can experience a new era incorporating Mobile CRM into their business processes. You schedule, meetings and business opportunities will all be organized. The results come in no time at all and you will see how productivity increases and how your customer services improves in a very little time.

Simple to Use

Mobile CRM is a very simple application to use. Developed according to intuitive navigation, you can track customers and business opportunities in a very easy way. Without, long hours of training for your team. All your staff will be able to use the app easily from day one.

Plug and Play

Mobile CRM is a very simple application to install. You can start working with Mobile CRM as soon as you download it from the app store. After inserting the activation code, your smartphone can connect to the DB business immediately, and you can start working straight away.

Security On the Cloud

Mobile CRM is supported on the safest infrastructure on the Cloud, for ensuring data confidentiality and protection with regular backups. We care about your most valuable asset: your customers.

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